We speak your Language.

Better competence through mother tongue training.

Uncomplicated compliance.

Body of proof for each employee.

Quicker, more comprehensive personnel training in their mother-tongue.

We speak your language.

Education professionals invested in your success.

Why the UP.Ed  TMP?

Excellence for all.

Developed on the foundation of sound educational principles, the UP.Ed Training Management System (TMS) is an adaptive-learning platform that intuitively guides learners through content in a way that ensures understanding, maximises retention and perfects application - all in the learner's home language.

Personnel are able to work through content at their own pace, on their own devices - learning, self-testing, and retesting. With a 100% pass mark required, results are guaranteed. Plus, the platform is self-marking. Saving you time, saving you...


Scaled Pricing Plans Tailored to 

Your Business.

Every person counts.

The UP.Ed dashboard provides detailed statistics of each user in your organisation; logins, time spent on content, test attempts and more. The learning process is highly individualised - and so are the statistics - providing you with parity on the real competencies of each employee.

Information is key in providing and maintaining healthy working environments. The UP.Ed platform can help make sure your business continues to thrive.

Students Typing at Their Computers

Take a Load off.

As education professionals, we understand the struggles surrounding training and course management. 

We've made it our business to worry about that, leaving you free to focus on your business.


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